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New Year, New You!

With party season out of the way and New Year's resolutions firmly in hand (hopefully!) why not give your trusty, often overlooked, skin a thought. We take our skin for granted and often it's the last thing to get a look in: hair, nails, outfits and make-up are all an immediate go-to but spare a thought for actually putting some time and care back into our skin. What benefits we would reap if we did!

Cold, windy weather, dark afternoons and cosy home heating can leave our skin feel dry, dull and in a sorry state. One of the keys to good skin care is exfoliation and none better than daily, gentle but effective exfoliant with a good alpha-hydroxy acid. Exfoliation helps our skin to clear the top layer of dry, coarse, dead skin cells and sends a message to the growing, living cells in our skin to increase production of fresh, plump new cells and help clear out the junk we pick up on our skin on a daily basis.

Exfoliation needn't be a laborious and pain staking exercise. Using my CotswoldSkin Reveal Glycolic Wash, morning and evening, can kick start you to fresh, new skin. It contains Glycolic, Citric and Salicylic acids to wash away those dead skin cells and reveal newer, younger looking skin cells and a refreshing healthy glow. It smells wonderful and will leave your skin looking and feeling fantastic.

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