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Protect and Preserve.

Even though we're in the throws of Winter and Summer feels like such a long-way away, we at CotswoldSkin know that even now you have to be investing in protecting your skin against UV sun damage. Sun protection isn't just for holidays and summer afternoons, it's needed all year round because it there's light, there's damage! Even on overcast and cloudy days we still receive damaging rays from the sun and need to be protecting our skin against these. The best form of protection is staying out of the sun and wearing physical barriers, clothes, hats and sunnies but since we need to get our Vitamin D and all need to expose parts of our skin to the elements in our day-to-day activities, we need to turn to suncream!! Who thought we'd be talking suncream on 23rd January in the middle of Winter!!

At CotswoldSkin we're all about protecting and preserving your skin, so that you need as little as possible in terms of future anti-acing treatment. We've developed a fantastic, light, non-oily, slightly tinted SPF 50, which is ideal to wear daily under make-up or just on its own. You can try this out in clinic and order directly from us. Our SPF "Protect" also contains AHA's, lactic and citric acid so that it's working hard on exfoliating your skin gently whilst you relax, safe in the knowledge that you're actively protecting and preserving your fabulous skin, helping it stay fabulous for longer!

Stay safe in the sun for longer, all year round!

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