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CotswoldSkin meets CotswoldLife!

We're so excited to be in this coming month's copy of Cotswold Life magazine, which coincides with the launch of our latest Skin Care product: Hydrate. We've had so much great feedback from the four current products in the CotswoldSkin range and really feel that with Hydrate we have a wonderful complimentary capsule range.

It's light, incredibly absorbable and intensely hydrating, without clogging or blocking the skin, which means it will travel deep down through the layers of skin to hydrate the skin cells that need it most.

We hope you'll come in and have a complimentary consultation with us to find out more about our skin care range and try Hydrate, along with the other products in the range. Here's to skin hydration! We'll drink (a large glass of hydrating water) to that!

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